The New Age of Computer Mobility

Monday, January 23, 2017

Back when the first notebook computers came out, they were big clunky and heavy machines with a 30 minute battery life. Nevertheless, it was an exciting step forward and one that very few ever anticipated would lead us to today's technology. The idea of mobile computing was something that was held as a dream by science fiction writers, but the first notebooks actually made that dream reality.
Being liberated from a big computer terminal in a Dilbert-like cubicle was something that presented a new found freedom for business people the world over. Having the complete functionality of a regular computer, laptops became the lifeblood of any business man and to this day it's the driving force behind the massive growth in mobile computing.
The internet opened up even more avenues to mobile computing and in recent years its become the very focus of our technological advances. We longer want to just use computers while traveling, we want to have it all. Remote PC access software provided a much needed way of connecting to computers remotely and some of the latest advances is in the field of mobile phones and mini computers.
The latest smart phones are really nothing but small "computers" in themselves. With great internet connectivity and wide coverage the world over it really is the perfect device for mobile computing. Although its still in its infancy, the potential is evident and with the release of Apple's iPad we are again being presented with a device that holds great promise.
With the functionality of a laptop computer, the looks of a iPod and the mobility of an iPhone this can be the perfect device for anyone who wants it all. While many critics claim that the iPad is still just a gimmick, the next generation of mobile computers is bound to improve on this "prototype" and take mobile computing into the next phase of development.
With screens getting slimmer, power consumption getting lower and performance improving we are very close to having full power mobile computers that incorporates the speed, efficiency and convenience that we are all waiting for. The days of carrying a mobile phone, a laptop, am MP3 player and a USB modem might soon come to an end and reveal itself in slick device that has it all.
With all the big names like HP, Dell and Sony getting on board, the speed of development is fierce and with each device improving on its predecessor we might soon have an solution that is not only practical but also affordable.

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