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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Mobile marketing is the new craze in affiliate marketing. A significant proportion of us don't sit at our PC twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. But what we do tend to have is our mobile phones on us all of the time.
The old way to market on the internet used to use our computers at home or work. But now people are increasingly using Google and other search engines on their phone. Every time we search something on Google we get these sponsored ads come up on the top and right hand side of our search results. Well now the idea is to use mobile marketing as a means to advertise as well.
Although now instead of using all of these programs from the computer mobile marketing allows us to use it from our mobile phones. It's new and it hasn't really seemed to take off just yet but it might. Essentially, mobile marketing could provide companies with a whole new niche to target. Since everything will be specific for mobile phones the benefit for the companies is that they only have to pay for either mobile or web based ads. The benefit for the consumer of course is that we don't have to pay for anything, instead we get targeted ads on our mobiles as well.
The next step to this is obviously Google AdWords and AdSense on our mobiles as well. With increasing numbers of people moving to their mobile phones to surf the web even when the computer is less than a few feet away, mobile marketing is the next obvious step.

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